Taylor Swift now offering cat-themed new album bundles, because of course she is

Universal PicturesAfter the trailer for her new movie CATS dropped Thursday, Taylor Swift is capitalizing on the buzz by offering “Cat Edition” new album bundles.

The bundles, which are only available until Saturday at 12:29 p.m. EDT, come in seven different variations, and they all include Taylor’s new album Lover, plus merch from her line of items inspired by her cats Meredith and Olivia.

The first bundle features pins that look like Olivia, pins that look like Meredith and two sets of patches featuring each cat. Bundle two includes two sheets of cat stickers, and two pens decorated with the cats’ likenesses. Bundle three has the stickers, plus a pillow that looks like Meredith’s face. Bundle four is the same, except with an Olivia pillow.

Bundle five features a gray Meredith and Olivia onesie; bundle six has a pink one. And finally, bundle seven features a black and white cat print t-shirt and a sticker sheet. 

You can buy all the bundles via Taylor’s online store.

The reaction to the CATS trailer has been decidedly mixed, with many wondering why the actors have been turned into cats via CGI, but still have human mouths and, um, other parts. The movie opens December 20.

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