Lady Gaga answers 73 questions for “Vogue”

Inez and VinoodhAfter covering Vogue’s October issue, Lady Gaga is answering 73 questions for the mag.

While sitting on her colorful patio wearing a look inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gaga as quizzed on everything from her go-to karaoke song to the strangest rumor she’s ever heard about herself.

She says her favorite song to sing at karaoke in the Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion duet “The Prayer,” confirms that she watches horror movies to relax and listens to jazz to unwind, and that her best year in New York City was 2007, when she was 21.  She also reveals that she’d like to duet with Stevie Wonder, and that she owns one of Michael Jackson‘s Thriller jackets.

Gaga – who in the video says that she prefers to be called ‘Lady’ – also gets deep, revealing what she would like her legacy to be.

“I would like to be remembered for the message behind ‘Born This Way,’” she says. “I would like to be remembered for believing that people are equal. I would like to be remembered for being courageous and different.”

She also says her favorite thing about fashion is that it “can be both a form of expression and a form of hiding” and the three things she can’t live without are “family, friends and freedom”

As for the strangest rumor she’s ever heard about herself? “That I have a penis,” she says.

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